Playing poker with tarot cards presents a number of challenges.

In the United States, nearly all tarot decks widely sold are designed for cartomancy, or fortune-telling with cards, and are usually too large to comfortably hold in your hand. Their designs also make it nearly impossible to determine which cards you have by looking only at the corner as would be done in a game of poker. While many European tarock decks do offer a viable alternative, as they are both smaller and made for reading while fanned, they are also very hard to find in North America.

Even if I did find a deck that suited my purposes, copyright would almost certainly prevent me from reproducing the cards on this site, so it quickly became obvious that I would need to design a special tarot deck for this game. Below you'll find my Tarot Poker Deck:





Trumps and cardback

You can download these cards in any of the following formats:

These cards are released under the Creative Commons BY license. This means as long as you attribute me (M. Long) and this website, you can do anything you like with these cards. Period.